Happy Clients 

Clark Novak
, Oregon
">"Jim was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and efficient at what he does. We enjoy working with him and his team with our purchase, and...
Testimonial from Clark Novak (03/18/2017)

R McKenzie R
Salem, Oregon
">"I really just want to thank you for your service in getting us our mortgage. We are so happy seeing how smoothly the process went. We were very...
Testimonial from R McKenzie R (10/30/2018)

Bill M-A
, Oregon
">"Thank you for your energetic and knowledgeable work with our recent purchase. I cannot imagine accomplishing this complex job without your step...
Testimonial from Bill M-A (10/30/2018)

Linda L
">"Jim, Thank you so much! I could never express to you how grateful I am that you fought for us like you did. You are the Best ! Thank...
Testimonial from Linda L (10/30/2018)

Mary H
">"Jim...... I've done a lot of buying over the years. The thing I really liked about my mortgage with you was that everything, right down the...
Testimonial from Mary H (10/30/2018)

Rick Wilson
Salem, Oregon
">"Dear Jim, We cannot say thank you enough for all the hard work you have done to put us into our new home. Thank you for putting up with all...
Testimonial from Rick Wilson (11/03/2018)

Ste and Linda S.
Salem, Oregon
">"Hello Jim, We do so appreciate very much ALLLLLL of your help and guidance throughout this entire process. You have been so great to work...
Testimonial from Ste and Linda S. (11/06/2018)

Sisouk and Sengphet K
Salem, Oregon
">"Hi Jim, We just want to thank you for helping us into our first home. We didn't think anyone would be able to help us out of renting and...
Testimonial from Sisouk and Sengphet K (11/06/2018)

Jake & Connie
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great service!.... Great help!....Great job! Jake & Connie"

Jake & Connie
Testimonial from Jake & Connie (11/06/2018)

Pam & Shawn S.
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, Thank you so much for your facilitation of the purchase of our home. You made it so affordable and each month that will be very much...
Testimonial from Pam & Shawn S. (11/06/2018)

Lana D.
Salem , Oregon
">"Dear Jim, Thank you so much for your excellent and professional service! I can't tell you how good it feels. No More Rent. I look...
Testimonial from Lana D. (11/06/2018)

Mike P and Michelle I,.
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim and the Ladies in your office.... Thank you for all the help you provided us in the loan for our first home. We greatly appreciate...
Testimonial from Mike P and Michelle I,. (11/06/2018)

Megan and Makayla Zach
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, Thank you so very much for everything you did to get us into our home. You didn't just do the bare minimum like a lot of people would...
Testimonial from Megan and Makayla Zach (11/06/2018)

Susan P.
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, Thank you.... This was the most painless process I have ever encountered. Please send me a hefty stack of your business cards. I...
Testimonial from Susan P. (11/06/2018)

Chester and Jan N.
Salem , Oregon
">"Dear Jim, Thank you so much for all your work and effort on the purchase of our home. Your patience, skill and attention to detail all...
Testimonial from Chester and Jan N. (11/06/2018)

Greg and Carolina R.
Salem, Oregon
">"Dear Jim & Staff, Just a note to tell you how grateful we are for your patience during what could have been a very stressful...
Testimonial from Greg and Carolina R. (11/06/2018)

Maria B.
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, Thank you ever so much for making Tony & my dream come true. Friend. Sincerely, Maria B. "

Maria B.
Testimonial from Maria B. (11/06/2018)

Jeromy C.
Salem, Oregon
">"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is the first loan in my life that I did not need to go through a bunch of red tape. What a...
Testimonial from Jeromy C. (11/06/2018)

Mike and Lana
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, Thanks for all you did to get our loan done... With your help, it is done and we are in our home. "

Mike and Lana...
Testimonial from Mike and Lana (11/07/2018)

Melody N.
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, The project is complete and just as I envisioned it. Your help was instrumental in getting this offf the ground. It's spacious,...
Testimonial from Melody N. (11/07/2018)

Saranelle & Jerry A.
Salem, Oregon
">"Jim, Thanks, so very much Sweet for the sweet.... Thanks for all your help & effort in getting our new loan. "

Testimonial from Saranelle & Jerry A. (11/07/2018)

Elizabeth D.
Salem, Oregon
">"Dear Jim, You're an AWESOME money-loan person and a sweetie pie. Thank you for all your hard efforts... Most Sincerely, Elizabeth...
Testimonial from Elizabeth D. (11/07/2018)

Salem, Oregon
">"Dear Mr. Morrison, I'm sorry I took so long in sending this card to say Thank You. I'm the woman who was looking for Thoma K. YOU, stopped...
Testimonial from Gracie (11/07/2018)

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