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"Jim was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and efficient at what he does. We enjoy working with him and his team with our purchase, and would recommend him to friends and family. He understood what needed to be done and what items should be included in the reports. Jim knew the costs involved and how to proceed with the documents."

Clark Novak
, Oregon

"I really just want to thank you for your service in getting us our mortgage. We are so happy seeing how smoothly the process went. We were very worried because of our hectic schedule and a thousand mile distance. You did a great job. It's kind of strange to think we managed such a large and complex task without ever having actually met each other. In fact, it's amazing. We'll be in touch when we finish moving in. Take care, "

R McKenzie R
Salem, Oregon

Thank you for your energetic and knowledgeable work with our recent purchase.

I cannot imagine accomplishing this complex job without your step by step guidance through the entire process.

On top of that......I got the lowest rate.

I really enjoyed working with you


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MBI Mortgages
Jim Morrison
License No: ML-3040 NMLS Co. ID: 14216 NMLS Branch ID: 255568
3024 Commercial St. SE
Salem, Oregon 97302
P: (503) 585-5223
Email: jimbi01@gmail.com

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License No: ML-3040 NMLS Co. ID: 14216 NMLS Branch ID: 255568
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